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Dome Modifications

Removed the bottom J-Cable guides on of each side of the top shutter.  When the shutter is open the restraint cable runs through at a high angle and gets jammed in the cable guide.


Added a spring at the end of the shutter close cable.

Added a dome sag u-brace... shown with the shutter partially closed.  The brace blocks the fully opened slit quite a bit. This is not a problem because Automadome is configured to rotate the dome around 180 degrees when the scope points higher than about 70 degrees. 


The brace is assembled with 3/8 inch water pipe and various fittings from the local hardware store. The ends were stepped up to 1/2 inch pipe to fit over the nuts on the 5/16 inch threaded rod. The brace has a 7-1/4 inch offset for the scope's line of sight.


Close up of the brace mounting stud, made with a 3 inch threaded rod.