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BF-Astro Freeware


  • PicFix uses the CCDSoft routines to repair columns or pixels in selected files or an entire folder. 

  • ezSkyView provides an easier user interface for NASA's SkyView Query Form (SQF), to create images of astronomical objects or specific portions of the sky. This allows the astrophotographer to quickly see, in advance, how an intended target will look on his computer screen. Another use is for creating images to include in your planetarium program, such as TheSky6.

  • eXcalibrator calibrates image color by using the SDSS or APASS database to identify stars in your image that should be white.  The program then computes the correction factors to apply to the green and blue channels.

  • DDWpins sets the User Pins in the Digital DomeWorks (DDW) dome control program. The pins turn ON and OFF the AC outlets on the remote power module.

  • CCDBand-Aid repairs vertical bars in Kodak KAI-11000M images.  The program works with 32-bit floating point FITS files.

  • STAr Color extInction (Staci) determines the average acquisition altitude for each RGB channel and computes the color extinction.