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Focal Pointe Observatories


Focal Pointe I

Located in Chino Valley, AZ.  Note the pristine clear sky.  This is in a "green to blue" light pollution area.  Sky Quality Meter readings range from 21.00 to 21.75.  The county has a dark sky law and the neighbors usually keep their external lights off.  The lights are usually located under the roof overhang, so the light is prevented from going up.

The background looks a bit crowded but the houses are on one acre lots.  About 1/4 mile to the west it jumps to 2 acres and then 5.  I expect the western sky to stay pretty dark for several years.

Focal Pointe II

Focal Pointe II, in the background, went online in the summer of 2012. This is a 6-foot Home Dome on two-foot high walls.  Not having a door for easy entry makes the observatory a large Robo-Dome.


Pad Construction

Dome Assembly

Inside The Dome

Dome Modifications

Old Observatory (Seattle)
 a.k.a. Outhaus-West