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Installing eXcalibrator w/ Norton™ Antivirus


The developer of Source Extractor used unfortunate filenames and extensions. It seems that the Norton™ AntiVirus software does not like extensions of ".sex" or an executable named "sex.exe" or "SExtractor.exe". It was okay to change the executable to Extract.exe but not the two support files.


Norton is now detecting Extract.exe as a renamed version of SExtractor.exe. So it may be necessary to add both executable names to the Norton exclusion list. As listed below, first try excluding the entire eXcalibrator folder.

Also, there is something in eXcalibrator.exe that Norton does not like.

All of these files are okay and will not harm your system. It may be necessary to use the following steps to install eXcalibrator.

  1. Create a folder for eXcalibrator.

  2. Add this folder to the Norton™ AntiVirus exclusion list.

  3. Unzip all of the eXcalibrator files into this folder.

  4. Create a shortcut for eXcalibrator.exe.