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Losmandy G11


With welded construction and 3 inch diameter legs, the G11's tripod is rock solid. 

Losmandy G11 Periodic Error

The total peak to peak error is just under 10 arcsec's, with no Periodic Error Correction, very good for a mount in this price range. The result should even better with the Gemini Level 4 PEC applied. Instead of the desired smooth "sine wave like" curve, this worm gear has two peaks with three valleys, with a few bumps along the way. This is all easily corrected with auto guiding.

Improvement may be achieved by swapping the DEC and RA worm gears. Also, one can buy a new gear for $50, hoping to get lucky and receive a really good one. Another improvement is to use higher precision bearings.

The G11 returned to service in the summer of 2012, in the Focal Pointe II Observatory. It is used for imaging with the FSQ refractor and the STF-8300 camera. CCD Commander, provides automated imaging..