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NGC 1907 & Friends


Click the image for a 72% view of the rgbHa version. (2400 x 1800 - 1.8 MB)

Click the here for a 72% view of the RGB image (2400 x 1800 - 1.5 MB) 


Takahashi FSQ-106ED @ f/5.0 (530 mm F.L.) Captured at 2.1 arcsec/pixel.  Shown at 2.91 and 9.32 arcsec/pixel.


Paramount MyT


SBIG STF-8300M Self Guiding Package w/ mono ST-i, using an AstroDon 5nm Ha & E-Series RGB filters.

Acquisition Data

2/16/2017 to 3/7/2017 Chino Valley, AZ... with TheSky, CCD Commander & CCDSoft


 RGB  1050 min. (35 x 10 min. bin 1x1)
 Ha   375 min. (25 x 15 min. bin 1x1)

Click here for the B&W Ha version.

Software & Processing Notes

  • CCDSoft, PixInsight & Photoshop CS6.

  • eXcalibrator v6.2 for (g:r)(b:r) color balancing with 1052 stars from the Pan-STARRS database..

  • PixInsight processing includes calibration, CosmeticCorrection,  registration and stacking the Ha & RGB data, gradient repair and non-linear stretching with HistogramTransformation.

  • Noiseware 5, a PhotoShop plug-in.

  • PhotoShop to add the Ha data & final touch-up.


North is to the right.
NGC 1907 is an open star cluster in the constellation Auriga. At a distance of about 4500 light-years, the cluster contains about 30 stars. At the right, is the open cluster M38, at a distance of about 4000 ly. To the bottom left is the nebula IC 417 and above is NGC 1931. These two emission nebulae are about 7,000 light-years distant.

In the above image, the "mouse over" view shows a portion of the Taurus Molecular Cloud. This cloud is in the foreground, at a distance of only 430 light-years. The Taurus cloud is a stellar nursery for newly formed stars.