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Elongated Star Repair w/ PhotoShop


Run your mouse over the above image to see the before and after images.


  • First, copy the image to a new layer and set the blend mode to darken.

  • Use your favorite tool to select the stars.

  • Then expand the selection, to include some of the background around the stars, and feather a bit.  Try 5 for expansion and 2 for feather.

  • Use Ctrl-H to toggle off the "marching ants".

  • Now select the Move Tool and use the arrow keys to move the selection in the direction of the elongation one or two pixels.

  • Use Ctrl-H to toggle on the "marching ants", deselect the stars, and flatten the image.

  • Finally, select the stars again, without expanding the selection, and brighten the center of the stars to match the original image.

  • Final Note:  If a one pixel move is too much, double the image size, fix the stars and then reduce the image back to the original size.